Exhibitions & Projects :

2021, Installation Grotto, group show at Unique Design, Savannah

2021, Installation set up design for Lacoste x Walk in paris campaign.

2021, Solo show « PORTRAIT DE FAMILLE », at Carvalho Park gallery, New-York.

2021, Limited furniture edition by SWING edition, Italy.

2020, Installation, group show at Unique Design Shanghai, at Asia Now fair in Paris. Supported by Jerome Sans and Galerie Perrotin Shanghai.

2020, Scenography in situ for NIKE, flagship Paris.

2020, « MATIÈRES COUPLÉES », show with Franck Pellegrino at Amelie Maison d’Art, Paris Design Week.

2020, Installation immerssive au BON MARCHÉ, produite par Estee Lauder.

2020, NIKE, limited edition packaging for the new Blazer.

2020, Wallcovering collection for ASTÉRÉ, ELITIS.

2020, NIKE Limited edition of « blazer designed by Garance », campaign EMEA 2020 + VOGUE video.

2019, Installation sculptural set up for the campaign Maison Martin Margiela fragrance.

2019, In situ installation for fashion show VIVETTA, Missoni group, Milan fashion week.

2019, Solo show « MAGNA MATER » at swing design gallery, Benevento , Italy.

2019, Group show at Amelie maison d’art gallery, Paris.

2018, Drawings curated by Atelier 27 for Marriott hotel in Cyprus.

2018, « TERRA » installation, Milan Design Week at Strategic footprints.

2018, Exhibiton at AREBOURS Paris, Fondation Lafayette Anticipation.

2017, Group show « Summer Camp » Artmate gallery, Paris.

2017, solo show « SCALA » Artmate gallery, Paris.

2016, prints edition for SAY HI TO magazine.

2016, group show at ULTRA MODERNE design gallery Paris.